Burn Fat And Lose Weight Quickly

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Burn Fat And Lose Weight that right there is the most proclaimed New Year's resolution ever made and every year millions of people make the same claim all over again. As far as a New Year's resolution is concerned wanting to burn fat and lose weight is probably one of the best you could make if that is what you need to do to have a return to health.

The problem with the resolution is that 99% of all those that make the claim never follow through with any positive actions for them to actually burn fat and lose weight. The equation for the process is rather simple and I would tend to believe that most people who really should burn fat and lose weight already know what must be done to achieve the results they claim they want.

I say they "claim" because if they really wanted to lose the weight and burn the fat they would not have to wait until the New Year to get started. There is no real science behind the process one must follow to burn fat and lose weight and I am going to teach you exactly how to achieve the results you so desire.

Burn Fat And Lose Weight Exactly What To Do To Achieve Both Results!

Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Exercising on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet is the most efficient way to Burn Fat And Lose Weight. See it is not that tough! Alright I realize that I am not telling you anything you have not heard a million times before but hey the facts are the facts.

Exercise will certainly help you to burn fat and lose weight and of course your food choices and intake still plays a major role as well. I mention this because I have known many people that have engaged in regular exercise routines but they continue to eat high fat low nutrition food thus killing their efforts to really Burn Fat And Lose Weight through all their hard work in the gym.

In reality what most people are interested in is how to burn fat and lose weight with minimal effort and as quickly as possible, anything less is what causes most to fail and eventually quit and then they go right back to looking for the magic pill or solution. If you are serious about this and you want to burn fat and lose weight but you do not have hours to spend in the gym I can help you and that is what this article will teach you to do.

Obviously a healthy weight loss solution would be to combine a well balanced diet with moderate exercise and stick to it on a regular basis. Now most people cringe when they hear the word exercise but if you want to burn fat and lose weight quickly you are going to have to get up and move that body. It is a proven fact that cutting out calories without increasing your exercise will do very little if anything when it comes burning fat and losing weight.

There are hundreds if not thousands of Studies that have shown that diet alone will not do the trick but as we know exercise is an important part of the equation to help you burn fat and lose weight fast.

Have no fear because in this article I will teach you some of the best exercises to help you burn fat and lose weight quickly and you will be able to complete these exercises in under 30 minutes so you really have no excuse not to follow through with this process.

Burn Fat And Lose Weight Fast With These Highly Effective Fat Burning Exercises!

The First Extremely Effective Exercise To Help You Burn Fat And Lose Weight Quickly Is Called The Burpee!

The Burpee is a powerful weight loss and fat burning exercise and if done on a regular basis you will burn fat faster than you ever thought possible. You should add this exercise to your weekly routine and set realistic goals to keep increasing the count.

The Burpee is used for both weight training and weight loss and it is a difficult exercise but the benefits can be tremendous and you will see fast results so the effort is well worth it. If you are serious about this and you really want to burn fat and lose weight as fast as possible you should definitely consider "doing the burpees."

If you do the exercise correctly you will burn fat and calories faster than you would with any other exercise. I realize that is a bold statement but trust me on this you will burn fat and lose weight super fast if you add these to your weekly exercise routine. Below I will describe how they are done.

  1. Begin in a standing position.
  2. Quickly drop down into a squat position, knees bent and hands on the ground out in front.
  3. Next you want to kick your feet straight back leaving you in a push-up position.
  4. Now you will complete one push-up and immediately return to the squat position.
  5. From the squat position you want to rise up quickly and jump as high as possible while throwing your arms over your head.
  6. Repeat and try to do as many as you can.

If they sound difficult do not allow that to discourage you because as I stated doing the burpees you will burn fat and lose weight quicker than you would with most any other exercise. Just look at it like this, because this exercise is so effective it can significantly cut down on the amount of time you would need to exercise so with a benefit like that it should really motivate into at least giving these a try.

To Burn Fat And Lose Weight Quickly You Have To Be Willing To Challenge Yourself!

If you are looking to burn fat and lose weight as quickly as possible without spending hours working out then you will definitely want to add those to your exercise routine and if you do you will be able to cut out some other exercises thus shortening your time in the gym.

The important thing is to not get discouraged and quit so if you feel that coming on just lighten up on what you are doing and then gradually build up to where you are breaking a sweat. You can do this if you are willing to put in the effort, I know you can, I have helped hundreds of others and I know I can help you.

Another High Intensity Exercise To Help You Burn Fat And Lose Weight Quickly!

Next up we have HIIT which is not actually an exercise it is more of a type of workout but you will learn how to fit it into your routine to help you burn fat and lose weight quickly! HIIT is short for "High Intensity Interval Training" and this is extremely effective for burning fat and calories fast!

Interval training is where you go from a slow paced exercise to a quick burst type of exercise and it is a great way to speed up your metabolism and turning up the heat in your own fat burning furnace.

What I am trying to teach you here is how to put together an exercises routine that will give you the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. Most believe you have to workout for an hour or more and eat a babies portion of food to burn fat and lose weight quickly but that is not the case at all.

Instead of doing long runs or fast walking on the treadmill or outdoors you can do high intensity sprints. If you really want to burn fat and lose weight quickly then adding sprints to your exercise routine is the perfect way to go.

When you do sprints you are not just revving up your metabolism you will also be building muscle at the same time so you will gain long term benefits from the added muscle. Performing sprints is less time consuming then running or jogging and it has many more benefits as well such as really burning calories fast. If you ever watch track events you will notice that the sprinters always look extremely healthy with excellent muscular structure.

However when you look at the long distance runners they actually look skinny and scrawny and in many cases not healthy. So basically with sprints you can save a lot of time exercising but receive more benefits health wise.

If you want to burn fat and lose weight and build great muscle tone you definitely want to do exercises that require quick burst's of energy followed by a slow down period, not a complete rest but long enough to catch your breath so you can explode into your next burst or sprint.

In sticking to our theme of spending less time exercising while achieving greater results I will explain two other methods for the HIIT process. Now both of these workouts only take four minutes and you only have to choose one so as you can see you really have no excuse for not doing this.

You want to make sure that your body is already warmed up and loose because this is high intensity and if you just hit it quick there is a good chance of injury so definitely warm up first.

Now don't be fooled by the four minute time limit, with this routine your workout will be fast and you will burn fat and lose weight fast as well. Okay so you are all warmed up so now I will give you the steps for the first method which is the one I recommend that you start out with. You are going to do this on an exercise bike, rowing machine, treadmill or you can just do a body exercise such as crunches or push-ups. For sake of example I will use the rowing machine.

  1. Hop on and row hard for 60 seconds.
  2. Rest for 30 seconds, no exercise just rest and catch your breath.
  3. Row hard again for 60 seconds as hard as you can.
  4. Rest for 60 seconds again no exercise just sit still and rest.
  5. Now really crank out the last 30 seconds, go...go...go...you only have to do this for 30 seconds then you are done.

Great Job! In those four minutes you will burn fat and lose weight faster than you ever have in your life and you will be toning your muscles at the same time.

This is what is called anabolic exercise. It is a shortened and more effective version of cardio and it is based on the 4 minute time limit and you should keep it as simple as possible. Just to recap you will burn fat and lose weight much quicker with a shortened exercise routine like this.

  1. Train hard for one minute.
  2. Rest/relax for one minute.
  3. Train hard for one minute.
  4. Rest/relax for one minute.

As you get into better shape try to repeat this process 8 times for a total of 8 minutes. Can you imagine working out for just 8 minutes? Anyone can do that and if you do and you stick to a pretty decent diet you will burn fat and lose weight incredibly fast this I guarantee!

This Is The Tabata Method Which Is Also Designed To Burn Fat And Lose Weight With Minimal Exercise!

  1. Choose your high intensity exercise and go as hard as you can for just 20 seconds.
  2. Rest for just 10 seconds.
  3. Go as hard as you can for 20 seconds.
  4. Rest for just 10 seconds.

That totals 1 minute so you complete this 3 more times and once again you have completed a super high intensity workout in just 4 minutes. Okay one other exercise that is an excellent way to burn fat and lose weight quickly is swimming. Now this does not fall into our plan as being a quick exercise but I thought I would mention it for those who have access to a swimming pool and really enjoy it because not only does it burn fat and lose weight fast it builds muscle tone at the same time.

We all know that the more lean muscle we can build the easier it is to keep your weight under control being that muscle burns calories 24/7 because it keeps your metabolism running at peak performance. In summary you now have three to five exercises that you can do in a very short amount of time that will significantly help you to burn fat and lose weight quickly, go forth and be healthy!

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Here at Burn Fat Rapidly we want to see you have a return to health that becomes permanent and not a passing phase. If you follow the tips throughout this site you will learn how to burn fat and lose weight quickly in a healthy and safe manner.

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